Hopefully here you will have ANOTHER CHANCE to find that missed connection you shared a moment with or a flirtatious glance and smile and thought the opportunity was gone with no chance to ever having them in your life. Here also ANOTHER CHANCE to possibly track down old friends or classmates, even a place to see if anyone has found your lost pet or lost items or anything you've been searching for and cannot find. We hope your experience here will bring you together with whatever you are searching for.

Remember it is always free to view and post messages


The web sight is unique in the fact that now there is a universal place where everyone can finally have another opportunity to see if the person who you are seeking is doing the same. Looking for you ! Both wanting another chance to be in each others lives in some capacity. Also a sight where all can post lost or found pets or items and be confident that this will be where people will look for them. Everyone will come to know the sight as the place where you can quite possibly have another chance to find or be found if you both desire. Good luck.